Graphite Speedneck Wolf

New slant on an old Irwin design! This is a new exciting instrument born from its original provenance. Breathing new life into the classic wolf design Jerry Garcia made famous – implementing new technology you won’t find anywhere but Lieber Guitars.

The Details

Solid wood laminated body / bolt on Graphite neck, affixed hardtail Roller Bridge, concentric tone control for middle / bridge pickup, locking tuners and a XL6 string nut. These components combine to make this a high performance experience for the player and at weight of only 7.5 lbs.

Neck: Two Patents comprise this Carbon fiber neck design – making it elite within the industry. One patent covers the molding process which utilizes 98% uni-direction carbon fibers wrap within one 10 ounce bi- directional carbon cloth.

The entire neck part, including the fingerboard surface area, is then molded into one cohesive unit. There is no fingerboard, fret slots are cut directly into the neck.

The second Patent covers the ornamental neck shape which has two relief draft lines incorporated in the normal C shape of a guitar neck. These relief points create a contact surface with less resistance within the player’s hand.


Orders require a two month build and delivery time.

So order now and make the Graphite Speedneck Wolf part of your collection.

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