American Beauty Classic ’09

The Guitar

The American Beauty Classic ’09 has its roots steeped deeply within the original Garcia design and is the authentic ornamental guitar design built from drawings and templates circa 1974. It is a wonderfully sounding and finely built instrument that offers aspects of the original design at an affordable price point.

  • Sculpted solid Alder body
  • Three piece quartersawn Figured Maple neck
  • 25 ½ inch scale 24 fret Ebony Fingerboard
  • Custom cut Polished Brass string nut
  • Deluxe logo/ brass, pearl and abalone
  • DiMarzio pickups, SD1, Super II humbuckers feature coil selection (series, single, parallel)
  • Choice of unity gain buffer/effects loop: either CAE or Waldo T-clone
  • Gotoh Tuners and Bridge Gold plated
  • Total Length: 40 ½ inches
  • Body thickness 2 inches
  • Weight 9 lbs

The Story

The interest and demand for this guitar design has grown exponentially and I have been flattered by the numerous manufacturers, both large and small, that have embraced our guitar design. I feel honored to find that my work has become a source of inspiration to another. It was string instrument designs and the work of others that drew me to becoming a luthier. Not a very original story, yet it is my own.

To be honest, I have never looked back, design wise. I had left D Irwin guitars 31 years ago to pursue new designs, new materials’ and embrace new concepts in guitar construction.

The American Beauty Classic is a new guitar version of an old design created by its equally ancient designer.


Four to six month delivery upon order. One-half deposit, balance due upon completion. Pricing does not include case, shipping or applicable tax. Instrument is comprised of US parts / labor including offshore parts / materials.

Price: $6,200

Phone: (607) 437-2614